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Gift attribute nomenclature


I'm trying to understand the translation between the gift attribute fields in RE and the ones available when setting up a profile in IOM.

In RE there are Category, Description, Short Desc, Date and Comments.

In IOM there are Gift Attribute-Type, Value, Date and Comments.

Gift Attribute-Type in IOM gives me no options - the field in the Value Type column turns blue and is not enabled.

Gift-Attribute-Value allows you to chose from a dropdown the Categories that you have in RE, so it seems Value corresponds to Category. 

Gift Attribute Comments, when selected allows you to choose from a drop-down in the Value Type column, but the only choice available is "Field 3". There is no column in my profile that is named Field 3, there are 12 columns in all. There is a column named "Description" which included the values that I would like to have appear in the Description field of the attribute in RE. They do appear, but they are in the Comments field. It's like IOM is calling Gift Attribute- Comments "Field 3", but it is using the data that is in a column named "Description in my import file. Seems kind of spooky, but at least the Comments in RE and IOM seem to be in sync.

I hope this is clear. Sometimes I don't know if I'm over-explaining. Basically, the values that I want for the attributes are in RE, they're just not all where I want them. Does anyone know how to get things into the Description field, and/or what Gift Attribute-Type in IOM corresponds to? 

Thanks, Nanette


 Hi Nanette,

There are multiple ways to configure attributes in Import-O-Matic. Consider data that looks like this:


So for Attrib1 we are specifying the attribute type (category) in the data file (column "E"). This means we can actually specify the attribute type dynamically per row in data file. For instance, row 1 could be a constituent attribute of "eye color" and row 2 could be an attribute of "hair color". This method of defining attribute types dynamically is rarely used, but can be handy to have. The second option is to assume that all values in a column are single type of attribute, allowing us to get rid of the "type" column and just map our "value" column to the attribute type in our profile field mapping. This image shows how these two different attribute configurations are mapped in the profile:


For the first configuration where the attribute type can be dynamically specified in the source file, we must map the type field to the I-O-M's "attribute - type" field (see "A"). We then associate the attribute value ("B") to our attribute type by specifying that "Field 5" contains our attribute type. Date and Comments ("C" and "D") are then mapped to our attribute value. For the second configuration where we are just assigning the column to a particular attribute type, we just map the value to the attribute type (see "E", where our value column is explicitly mapped to the "Shoe Size" attribute), then map our date and comments fields ("F" and "G") to our value field.
By far the majority of scenarios involve the second configuration which is much more intuitive to set up. Also, please note that you cannot use the first configuration (dynamically specified attribute type) on gift attributes when importing to a gift batch - this is because the batch must have pre-defined attribute columns for the correct type of attribute.


Thanks very much for your help, Nic, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I read this yesterday, then had to read it again today to feel like I really understood it. But what I need to do is add a gift and a gift attribute all at once through a gift batch, but it's pretty straighforward doing that throught the gift default - at least it is after reading what you wrote.
This is a great reference also for the day that I know will come at some point, where I'll need to do the first configuration you describe above!
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