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Relationship Duplicate Search


The duplicate search results for relationships is showing results even when the duplicate criteria is not being met. The duplicate critieria is set to (Last Name - 10, First Name - 3, Address - 3 and Zip -3). I have results showing when not even one of these criteria are being met.  I also have records showing when they are exact duplicates that I thought would auto-pick.  It is really slowing down the import process.  Is there a setting I am missing?

Please advise.

Bridget Overgaard

Hi Bridget,

Is the duplicate search for relationship records by chance? When searching for a relationship for an existing constituent, the search results will show any unrelated constituents that match the search criteria as well as any existing relationships already on that constituent (they will have the relationship icon at the beginning of the row). The reason for showing the existing relationships is that the designers felt there was a high likelyhood the relationship may already exist, even if some of the criteria did not match exactly. Also, beyond relationship matching, any record that has a matching email address will automatically be shown in the search results, even if they do not match the other criteria.

Regarding autopick, it must match exactly on the autopick criteria you specified. So if you specified "First/Last/Address block" and the addresses are off by a single character, it will not autopick. Also, there is a very important update available for autopick that was just released (version If you use auto pick and you're on version, .104, .105 you'll want to update to the newest version right away:

If these don't answer your question, please create a support case by emailing with a screenshot of the behavior you are seeing.

Hi Jeff,

I understand the importance of showing the existing relationships when there is a slight match to an existing relationship, but if the relationship that I am importing does not match in any way to an existing relationship, shouldn't it add it as a non-constituent relationship if I have "Search for possible duplicates first, but add as a non-constituent if no matches are found" selected in the Individual Relationship Duplicate Search? Is there some other option I should have selected?

Hi Bridget,

I definitely see your point, I guess that option should probably read "Search for possible duplicates first, but add as a non-constituent if no matches are found or selected from the search results screen". Perhaps what we really need another option in the duplicate search settings that says "when searching for relationships, include all existing relationships in the search results even if they don't match the duplicate criteria" to allow users to pick whether they want all rels to show up. Would you care to add that as a suggestion to the IOM uservoice site? That way we can track if this issue is becoming a priority for our users.

Yes, I can definitely add that as a suggestion. It would be nice if you could choose how to search for duplicates such as Last Name - 10, First Name - 3, Zip - 5, Relationship - 3. What is it using to match?

One other question, can you help me understand why in the Duplicate Searching screen, when you select "Do not search for duplciate constituent records and add as a non-constituent record", the option "Match individual relationships based on ..." is then made available? It seems if you select the do not search option, then it would just simply not search. Can you explain how this option works?

Thank you.
For relationship matching, it is using the exact same criteria it uses for any constituent, but in possibility we're talking about it would also look for matches of non-constituent relationships on the current constituent we're dealing with. Typically, non-constituent relationships are not searched as part of the dupe searching (as there is no way to related a separate constituent to them).

For you second question:


With this setting we are not duplicate searching our general constituents, but we are auto-matching to an existing relationship if it matches our chosen criteria. If we use one of the other options for searching, the autopick functionality should provide this functionality.
Ideally, what we would want to happen is:

1. If the import relationship matches to an existing constituent relationship based on (Last Name-10, First Name-3, Zip-5, Relationship-3), then update the existing constituent relationship.
2. Then check Non-constituent relationships. if the import relationship matches to an existing non-constituent relationship based on (Last Name-10, First Name-3, Zip-5, Relationship-3), then update the existing non-constituent relationship.
2. If neither of the critieria are met from 1 and 2, then add the import relationship as a new non-constituent relationship or show close matches in the duplicate search results where the user can choose which one to match to or add new.

If I am understanding correct, this is not possible with the current version, correct?

Thank you!

I think you might be lumping "duplicate searching" and "matching" (or "autopick") together. The duplicate search criteria only affect who are found as possible results, but the autopick relies on an exact match using the specific criteria fields you specify. So IOM would not choose to automatically update a relationship based on the "fuzzy" duplicate search criteria, it needs to be an exact match for those selected matching fields.

The first part is already being done when using duplicate searching and autopick together. The second part you could do if you were not searching for matches to unrelated existing constituents.
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