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incomplete use of gift default set during gift import

The problem is that IOM is not effectively using the default set I specify. I have a new profile and I created a new Gift Default to use with it. Though we've been having this problem in the past.
Values set in the default are below; the ones that are not incorporated into the gift created are Purple:
Gift Date: Set at 12/15/09, populated with 12/12/10 (today's date)
Gift Code
Letter Code
Pay Method
GL Post Status
Receipt Amount: Set at $0.00, populated with the amount of the gift
Receipt: Set at Do Not Receipt, populated with Not Receipted
Gift Subtype
Type: Set at Pledge, populated with Cash
I know that I could just add a bunch of columns to my import file to specify the problematic fields, that's pretty much what we've been doing. But it would be nice not to have to.
Nanette, Oregon Food Bank

 Hi Nanette,

Are all the fields in purple included in the gift batch that is created by IOM? Do you get the same behavior if you import a few test gifts directly into RE, bypassing the batch? I'm sure you have already, but have you double-checked that you have the right default set created? If you create a new gift default set and select that in your profile do you still get the same behavior?

Please let me know what you find.


Hello Jeff,

Not all of the purple fields are included in the batch created by IOM, but they never have been, no matter what profile or default set we've used. The fields that are set in my default set that appear in the batch IOM creates are Fund, Campaign, Appeal, Pay Method and Letter Code.  The fields that are set in the default that do not appear in the batch created are Acknowledge, Date, Gift Code, Pay Method, GL Post Status, Receipt Amount, Receipt, Gift subtype, and Type.

If I import directly (not into batch) there is quite an improvement. The only purple value that remained incorrect was the Receipt amount - instead of being zero, which was in the default set, it is the amount of the gift. All of the other purple items in my original list imported correctly from the default set.

I have checked the default set many times, and it is selected in the profile that I'm using.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this,



Jeff - Good News! I just installed V1.7.3, and now I can import into batch and all of the default set values are added correctly, except for Receipt Amount - that still is taking the value of the gift amount, not the zero that is in the default.

And the batch created now has 3 additional fields from the default,: Type, GL Post Date and GL Post Status. Fields still not present in the batch are Acknowleddge, Date, Gift Code, Receipt Amount, Receipt, and Gift subtype. I don't really care that much about that, so long as once the batch is committed these fields are properly populated by the default, which in my most recent test with 1.7.3, they were!

Now onto processing Matching Gifts, my next challenge. If anyone reading this has any helpful hints, I'd love to hear them,

Nanette, Oregon Food Bank

 Hi Nanette,

For the issue with the receipt amount being set from the gift amount, I believe that may be happening because of a business rule you have established in RE. Do you have this rule checked?



Regarding the defaults, you're saying that fields that are set by a gift default set but are not in the source file or the batch setup are set correctly when you post the batch and inspect the gifts? This is a bit of an odd issue because we've had clients tell us that that does work and others tell us it does not, so for safety's sake we typically suggest that users add a column, even if blank, to the source data file so that IOM will create the field in the batch, ensuring that the resulting gift gets the default set correctly. But like you, we've had other clients that say that those default field values are set correctly even if the field is not in the batch. Hmmmm... will need to look into this some more!



Yes Jeff, that's what it was!
As for the fields that appear in the batch created, it seems that 1.7.3 is an improvement, in that 2 weeks ago, still on 1.6.7, I think, using the same profile and the same default set that I used today, There were more fields in the batch, tho not all. Acknowledge did not appear, tho it was set in the default, and GL post date and post status did appear, tho not defined in the default, maybe another one of those business rules. I don't really care, as the gifts are correct when committed, just telling you this in case it helps.
Also - 1.7.3 is So Much Faster! A 300 gift import into batch that used to take 20-30 minutes was somthing like 2 minutes! That's a huge improvement!
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