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Lockbox question

Hi Everyone-

I'm hoping you can share some of your great wisdom with me!  From time to time I get asked to recommend a lockbox company to potential clients... the problem is I've heard of one or two companies that are good but really don't have a "go to list" of providers that have gotten great reviews from our customers.

So I'm curious to learn who you work with for a lockbox service and feedback on their services and their company!


Thanks in advance!!


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THE BEST lockbox and fulfillment company out there. They make my job so easy- they keep a tally on the number of acknowledgements they mail per month, they keep a running inventory of shop items as well as stationary and warn me when levels are low and I need to reorder, they have programmed the scanned data that I need from remittance slips so that it slides easily into Raiser's Edge (via omatic of course). They can have an 800 number for us to help with customer service if it gets to be too much here, they can also do "hygeine" by correcting DO NOT MAIl, DECEASED, ADDRESS CHANGE if we ask them to. FABULOUS to work with, nearly instant responses to any question or problem we may encounter, I cannot reccommend them highly enough!
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