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Spouse Email

Hello all,

Is there a way to have IOM tag spouse emails as type "Spouse Email" when importing?

For example:
I have a record for John Doe with "email" =
John has a spouse record named Jane Doe

When I import a gift from Jane Doe with an email I would like to add that email to the main record  (John Doe) as "Spouse Email"

Does that make sense?  Is this possible?



Sorry to reply to this so late, I didn't get a notification of a reply.

My import file only has "Jane Doe" as the donor with her email address.  Import-o-matic correctly identifies her as John Doe's wife (with the little ring icon in the matching window).

I would like to have the email type of the imported email be SpouseEmail when I select a spouse record/relationship.  Instead of "email" which seems to be what it sets the type to now.

Is there a setting somewhere to let me choose the phone type of a spouse match instead of a normal match?

Somewhat related to this.  Is there a way that I can automatically move the previous email address to "email2" (or email3, etc.) when I match a new email to a record?  Currently is just seems to overwrite whatever has the "email" type.

Hi Wayne,
Just to clarify, is John Doe in your import file? If so, so long as you have "Spouse Email" listed in your phone type table, this should import to John Does record. In your IOM mapping, you should have the record type as "Constituent Email - Address" and the Value Type as "Spouse Email."
Let our support team know if you need further clarification. 
Many thanks,
Stephanie Johnson
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