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Importing new records - automatically linking to non-constituent (non-spouse) records in the database


Newbie here - I'm moving our non-constituent students on the parent's records into RE and need to figure out a way to link them together during the import.  After recently importing the incoming freshmen records first and adding their link when I imported the parents - I had to manually go through and delete the duplicate existing relationship records on parents already in the database.

Please tell me that there is an easier way of doing this, as opposed to manually going into 1,100+ records and cleaning up after the import?  I like the idea of matching SS#'s and creating const. records automatically - is that a possibility?

Thanks for the assistance.

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Hi Elaina,
Great question! Currently, you cannot automatically elevate relationships during import with IOM, BUT you can do it on-the-fly during the IOM import, therefore removing the need to clean-up after an import. Page 139 of our latest user guide provides details. The upcoming FREE API version of IOM will allow you (or a technical resource) to program IOM to do this automatically, but the release date is not set yet.

If you were doing this with large quantities of data (for example, some organizations want to promote all spouses to full constituents), a viable option would be The Elevator, which is an O-matic product(now in Beta) designed to promote non-constituents based on relationship type. This product would work for you if you wanted to promote ALL the children in your parent record query. If you wanted more info on The Elevator, feel free to contact As a side note, The Elevator has a vertical status bar that goes up and plays soothing elevator music during processing. :)

As always, feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!

Many thanks,
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