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Event registration

We are trying to import guest lists and event participants but we're having a couple problems.  When we link the registrant to their company in the import file it pulls in an entirely different person not associated with the person, event, or company at all and places them in the "Sponsored by" field in the Event module.  Any idea why it would be doing this and how we can fix it?  The error log that gets kicked out isn't helpful since the number in the error message changes each time. 

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Hi, Katie,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! After testing with your file and profile, I was able to duplicate the behavior you are seeing when linking an event participant to their sponsor, using the Events functionality.

This is your workaround:


1. In the field map of your profile: Choose Participant ---> Sponsor System ID

2. In your data file you need this number: The System Record ID of the Sponsor from their participant record, on the event. To find this, go to the Event in RE, go to the Participants tab, choose Sponsors, open the desired Sponsor, choose the Properties icon from the bar (hand with the record), and the top entry will be the System Record ID. This is the number that needs to be in the data file. See the screen shot below.

This will be changed in the next version of IOM to be able to use the Constituent ID or the Import ID from the Constituent record of the sponsor.



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