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Import lags/hangs when importing participants?

Has anyone else experienced significant lag time or complete lock up when importing participants?  I'm trying to determine if this is related to RE or IOM.  Things look good when I'm doing a simple constituent import, but importing constituents and adding them as participants either slows things to a crawl or completely locks up RE.

Also, if I manage to finish the import, RE informs my users that I have all of those participant records open (as well as the event) until I completely log out of RE.  Odd!


Worked great, Jeff!  I saved them a lot of time yesterday importing new constituents (while simultaneously adding them to the event) so they could focus on other last minute event priorities!

Such a time saver.  Thanks so much!
Hi Shelby,

New version is posted, it should address your event participant speed issues.

> They are your biggest fans right about now. :)
We'd love to hear their story, please ask them to post if they get the chance!

Oh, that's fantastic, Jeff!  Thanks for the update and the speedy fix!  You guys are on it! 

One of my sites has an event next week and we've been making good use of the new features.  They are your biggest fans right about now.  :)

Thanks again,
Hi Shelby,

We actually found this issue and just implemented the fix today. It was caused by the way IOM was searching for existing participants to avoid creating dupes (but it wasn't doing it in a very efficient manner, to say the least!). The fix is to our QA department now and should be released early next week. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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