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Importing Education Attributes

Is there a way to import and education attribute note.  I do not see that field option in configuration.
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Hi, Lois,

We covered this in our call today, but I wanted to post a reply for the rest of the forum.

On an Education Relationship record , Attributes and Notes share the same tab. It's simply a split screen. The notes do not actually belong to the attributes listed above, but rather to the Education Relationship record itself. Additionally, it is one large, free-form, text box, unlike the Notes fields in most other places in RE.

To import to this field, you would choose: Education Relationship ---> Notes.

Please be aware that at this time, importing to this field does not append. It overwrites. If you need to import in more than one note, put them all in one field for your import. If you have existing note data on an Education Relationship, it will be overwritten with the incoming data. This has been filed to be changed.


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