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Convio Connector Address Source

I am doing my first import of information from the Convio Connector. The export the connector provides includes the address block and the address source.

What I am not liking is that if the address already exists in RE or is so similar (according to my sliding scale choice) that it is not considering it a new address, IOM is still changing the address info source to be Convio when, in fact, the address existed in RE prior to this import. I would prefer that it only add info source on new addresses it is prompted to add but unfortunately that does not happen.

What do others of you using the RE Connector or a Convio Custom Data Sync (or a similar import scenario) do? Do you just allow the existing address to change to Convio? Do you remove the contents of the address info source column and not have any info sources come through (even for new addresses)? 

BTW - Hi Neighbor - I am right down the street from you.
So if someone changes their address via the website how do you get their new address in RE preferred address?
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