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Auto Remind on Actions - Multiple People To Remind

I'm trying to import actions with auto-remind to multiple solicitors.  Not having any luck with this.  I was able to import my actions - everything showed up fine - the notes, proposals, etc. on the actions but the auto-notify didn't work.  I have in my import the fields mapped "Auto notify - Action - Auto remind" and this field is mapped to who is to be notified - then I have the "Auto Notify Value - Action - Reminder Value".  When I do the import everything BUT the auto notify goes in.  Is there a step I'm missing to get the auto-notify to work? 

Thanks so much for any/all help. 


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Thanks Sharifa -

I did the mapping exactly as you stated and then imported a few rows - the exception file came back with
"Line 1: Invalid Code table entry:  Reminder Units [Object: 'CAction', PK: '-1', Import ID: '', Desc:...."

I tried several different versions "week" "weeks" "14" but none of them worked.

I need it to be set for 2 weeks - if I put "2" in my "Set Reminder for" column - what would have been appropriate for the Beforehand column?

Really appreciate the help. 

Can't thank you enough for helping me with this - did what specified above and put it as "week(s)" now I'm getting -

Line 1: Required Field Missing: User ID [Object: 'CActionRemindee', PK: '-1', Import ID: '', Desc: '', Field: 'User ID',...


Thanks again.
Sharifa - does it make any difference that I'm putting five solicitors to notify?

They are listed like this in the import file - (made up names)

reddings; smithj; morgand;reynoldsr;groups

The names are as they are in the RE7 Security.

Is it because I"m doing them on one line? Do I need to put them on separate lines?

IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY!!!!! Thank you SOOOOO much! Your help was very much appreciated.

: )
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