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Education Import ID

I am importing our Fall 2010 Graduates. We are adding new educations to constituents which some also have a education attribute to be added to this as well. However not all do, and when I choose the education attribute description to my profile, it adds the category I choose to all constituents in this file whether they have something in that column or not. Is there as solution to this or my other option was to import the attribute part as a plain import after the initial import, which I would need to be able to import my own education import ID into Import-O-Matic so I will know which education I would be adding the attribute to as some people have multiple educations on their record. Any solutions to this problem would be great. Thanks!

Hi Jennifer,

After some research in the code base, I see that this is indeed an issue. We will get an updated release out this week.

As a possible workaround for now, would you be able to run a global delete of that particular attribute where the value is blank? (and, as an additional layer of protection, you could add the query criteria of "last modified = this week" and "last modified by = XXXX" where "XXXX" is the user that was using IOM)

Hi Jennifer,

Updated version is now available for download here:

Thank you so much for fixing this! It worked great!
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