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Membership Import question


I am trying to set up a template which can import consitituent, membership, 2nd cardholder relationship, 2nd card print status, and payment in one import file. I have some trouble with updating existing phone number and email address and with creating 2nd cardholder for new memberships.

Is it possible that I can get a sample membership import data file and a field map, or any suggestion from you?

Jackie Li

I should be more clear that this is an IOM import to RE? any suggestion? Thanks

Hi Jackie,
Is the second card holder a joint member or a non-member card holder?  

If the second cardholder is a joint member, then their name and address info are mapped as a relationship.  Their card fields are mapped as record type "Individual Joint Member/Card" and the grouping is the same group # as their Individual Relationship group #.

If the second card holder is a non-member cardholder, then use the record type "Membership - Non-joint Member Card".  

The attached file shows an example of the mapping.  Hope this helps - let us know if you have more questions.


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