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to add... or not add table entries...

When you choose to not add table entries - how do you know when something did not import. I have a dictionary set up for suffixes and I have everything covered - yet I am still not getting some things import and I get no error messages. Support is saying the data has something in it preventing my dictionary to apply so nothing imports at all. So my doctor has no MD suffix - not good.

Why is there no error message telling me that no suffix imported? If I got that I can manually go in and make corrections (either to my dictionary or directly in RE).

What do you do - allow new table entries then do a cleanup of ALL of your tables after every daily import? How inefficient and frustrating! I can't say allow table entries just for this one table it has to be all tables so I will need to check all the ones impacted by my import - every day. Is this what you do?

Melissa, we aren't having similar issues; however, we do run a query of the data and quickly view the information. It's easy for us to see if there is something we are missing and address it. Maybe you could try this and then find out if there is a consistent issue with the data you import or the configuration file.
Do you have the "add table entries" option on or off?
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