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Gift Entry- adding soft credits to an existing gift

So I'm wondering if anyone knows how to add soft credits to an existing gift by using IOM to import?

For example, United Way sends us a check for $1,300. We go online to retrieve a list of all the donors who gave into that money as well as their donation amounts. I know the gift ID for the $1300 gift is "1234" and I'd like to load all the donors with their gift amounts from the file I've downloaded from UW's website to credit those donors for their gifts.

Can I do this and what's the best way?

Total IOM Noob, but I'm loving it so far!
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There are many orgs who do not use SC functionality for UW giving because of RE's limit on SCing more than the gift amount. for example, you get a check for $94 representing two donors who gave $50 - yes you can use SC and SC each for $50 but if the $94 check represents a single donor who gave $100 you can not SC that one person for $100 in RE.

Therefore many of us add gifts to those individual records using the "other"gift type. If you are not using this type in another way this can work well. You just never include "other" gifts in financial reports but include them in giving reports and recognition reports.

If you use this approach you can add these new "other" gifts using IOM. But as Alison said you can not change existing gifts to add Soft Credits.
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