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Updating Acknowledge Date on Gift

I'm trying to use IOM to change the acknowledgement dates on gifts.  It already has one acknowledgement date on the gift but I have to update it with the new date.  I don't want to change anything else - just that.  I've setup my import to include the gift import id (import id of the existing gift) and the acknowledgement date - just those two fields - but it's not working. 


Thanks for any help.


Hi Sue,

The current functionality of Import-O-Matic does not support updating existing gifts. It currently can only create new gifts. You will need to do this via a global change in Raiser's Edge. You may vote for this suggestion by going to our User Voice site at . Feel free to use this site to suggest or vote for any software enhancements you would like to see in Import-O-Matic. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


Thanks Callie - much appreciated.

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