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Automatically add a period after a middle initial (RegEx)

One of my favorite Import-O-Matic users asked me about using Regular Expressions in IOM to automatically add a period (".") to the middle name field if and only if it was a single alphabetic character. It took a bit of googling, but I worked it out and figured this was something that might help some others:


The value to match on is "(^[A-Za-z]$)" (no quotes) and the replacement value is "$1." (no quotes). Applying this dictionary to your middle name column will cause Import-O-Matic to add a period (".") to the end of any value that is just a single character. Enjoy, and please share any variations/other ideas you come up with!


PS - Standard disclaimers apply: You should test this and any RegEx expression you get from any source to make sure it is compatible with your data and doing what you want it to do.
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