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Import to a Spouse using the Spouse Import ID

I'm going to be getting back AgeFinder data. For some of our donors, I'll be submitting both the primary and spouse records. I want to use IOM to put the birthdate, as well as an Individual Attribute in the Spouse record. I can do this one way, (by matching to Spouse first and last name) but not the way I first attempted. The way I first attempted used the Spouse Import ID, birthdate, Attribute Category, Att Description and Att Date. The import failed, it said that the Constituent Code was missing. I tried add a cons code, even tho when you look at the Spouse record there is no Cons Code. But that didn't work either. Also tried "finding" the record using the Cons ID, then mapping the Spouse Import ID to Individual Relationship, Import ID (with the Ind relationship defined as spouse) but this gave the exception that the record didn't exist.
The reason I want to do it this way, is that it just seems more precise to use the Import ID to find the spouse record. While I have all the data I'll need to do it by matching to first and last name, it just seems a bit less rigorous.

I'm prett sure you need more than the spouse import ID. You are importing something on a relationship to the primary donor's record. You need the donor's Import ID and the relationship ID and all of the fields you are importing need to be identified as relationship fields.
I tried identifying the constituent record both with the Cons ID, and with the Import ID, mapping them as constituent fields and the spouse import ID etc as Individual relationship fields. When I used the Cons ID, it said that the record didn't exist. When I used the Constituent Import ID, it said that it need a constituent code. Including a constituent code didn't work though.
Thanks very much, Sharifa, now I understand!
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