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Import error related to import ID

The file I need to import from Convio consists of an import ID for each record.  I remember from my training that we should ignore import ID's so that's what I did in the configuration field mapping.  None of the records were imported with the error below:

Line 1: No record could be found for the specified ID: '110202-CO-A1170461'

Please advise.

Thank you!
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Good afternoon, Quincin,

This is a problem best addressed by our Support Team, through the support channels. Please send an e-mail to and include the following files, as attachments, or create a case on the website and upload the same files, so that we may assist you:

1. The error.txt
2. The data file you are attempting to import.
3. An export of your profile (right click on it in the list and choose 'Export Profile")


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