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Importing Gifts into RE Gift Batch

We have been using IOM to add constituent records into RE (works FABULOUS!) - now we are looking at using IOM to import gifts from Convio into a gift batch (must be through batch as a unique gift macro will only work when gifts are committed through batch).  Unclear as to how the process must work - first match to existing/add new constituents and then import the gits into batch?  Must we then match the gifts in batch to the constituent?

Love to hear best practices from other users who add gifts through batch.

Thanks! Jenny 

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Hi Jenny,

Two passes? That's no fun. You can import constituent and gift data simultaneously. Just map up your file with the constit and gift data and you're good to go. No need to massage the data or edit gift batches, just go for it! :)

Glad you're enjoying IOM so far!

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