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Importing Recurring Gifts

Import-O-Matic makes it easy to import basic recurring gifts and payment schedules. The key to success is to ensure that you have included the correct fields in your import file and that you have mapped them carefully.

The fields used when importing recurring gifts are:


IOM Field Purpose


Allowed Values

Installment Frequency

The frequency with which payments will be made

Annually, Semi-Annually, Quarterly, Bimonthly, Monthly, Semi-Monthly, Biweekly, Weekly.

Date 1st Pay

Date of the first payment on the Recurring Gift


Schedule Ending Date

Use If the Recurring gift is not open-ended


Schedule Monthly Type

Used to indicate that the payment will be made on a Specific day of the month

Specific Day

Schedule Day of Month

The day of the month the payment will be made.


Schedule Spacing

Used to indicate how frequently the installment will repeat.  Ie. Every 1 month

Numerical values will be entered


In the example provided, we will be importing a Recurring Gift with a month schedule. Please view the image below for an example of Profile Mapping.




  • If your schedule is not Monthly, you may need additional fields.
  • You cannot use Import-O-Matic to update existing Recurring Gifts.

Please contact us at with any specific mapping related questions. 

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