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IOM Configuration of Duplicate Criteria / Primary Bank Information

We are currently running v. of IOM

Config of IOM Import

While looking at the Default of Individual values we added Address and Zip to the Fields to match, but cannot now delete the fields from the criteria - is there a way this can be done or does a new criteria need to be created and selected for all profiles?

Also, does "Zip" match to "Postcode", and the same as "City" match to "Suburb" even with the different naming conventions?  (as we use post code and suburb being in Australia)

Primary Bank Info

Also have discovered the "Primary Bank Information" box is not automatically ticked upon import of a Direct Debit file - does this need to be built into the Import and what fields should be mapped?
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Hi Erin,

To delete a Duplicate Criteria entry you will need to click on the gray box to highlight the row and press Delete on your keyboard.

Yes, "Zip" and "Post Code" are the same in IOM.

As for ticking the "Primary Bank Information," you should see a "Bank: Primary Bank Information" value type for the Gift Field record type. This will need to be mapped to a column in your data file containing a value of TRUE, Yes, or Y, to let IOM know that this box is to be ticked. 

If you do not see this option in the Field Map under Gift Fields, you will need to upgrade IOM to the latest 2.1 version as this means it was added in a later version that you currently have installed.

Another cool feature of the newer IOM versions is the ability to use "virtual fields." In your case this would allow a field to be created in the IOM profile that does not exist in the original data file. You could then name this field TRUE and map it to Gift Field -> Bank: Primary Bank Information. 

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