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Adding Multiple Attributes for Identical Constituents on Several Rows

We are trying to import a file from the Athletics departments that has a list of athletes and every sport they have participates in and every year they participated in that sport.  So, the constituents are duplicated throughout the spreadsheet for example

John Smith      Men's Water Polo      2000-2001
John Smith      Men's Swimming      2000-2001
John Smith      Men's Water Polo     2001-2002

Is it possible to import all these separate attributes from a list like this or do all the different attributes need to be added to one row for each constituent and then numbered within the profile set-up?

Thanks for any help with this.

Hey Callie,

Allison also wrote me with similar advice. Thanks to you both for the quick follow-up and all the help. The import is working now and the data is going to the Education Attribute. The issue was that I didn't have a column with the School Name.
Hi Michael,

Great to hear that you can get the Constituent Attributes to import. The Education Attributes work the same way as the Constituent Attributes do. If the values are not importing, check to be sure that the values in your file match what is in your Raiser's Edge tables for both the Attribute Category and Description. If they do not match, you can consider creating a dictionary to translate the file values so that they match the Raiser's Edge value and try the import again.

Note:   You need to be sure that you have the Education School Name in the file so that Import-O-Matic will know which education record to add the attribute to.

If the problem persists, please contact our Support team at 888-662-8426 x2 or


Hi Allison,

Thanks for your reply. This did work for adding the attributes to the main Constituent Attributes section. Ideally, we would like to have these in the Attributes section of the Education table. However, when I try to import to the Education Attributes it seems to run and there are no errors reported but no data moves over. Like I say, when I try this but switch the fields so it imports to the main Constituent Attribute area it works fine. I wonder if there is a step that I am missing or if this is just not possible. I'll keep trying and report back if I find out a solution but just wanted to reply to say thanks and see if anyone else has any ideas for this issue.
Hi Michael,

Importing multiple attributes for the same constituent using multiple rows should work just fine, just be sure that you have some way to match to the same constituent (unique identifier, duplicate criteria, etc) mapped in your file. One thing to note: be sure your profile configuration for constituent attribute updates is set to "Add New Attribute" to add more than one without overwriting other entries. Also, make sure this attribute is not a "unique" attribute that allows only one entry per record. Let me know how that works out for you! AB

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