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IOM Auto-Match


Just wondering about the new Automatic match feature.  We currently have IOM set to auto-match when the first last and email address are exact.  It seems only a small percentage of records to fit this criteria get auto-matched. 
    Does this depend on our RE match criteria?  For example we have it set to 5 letters last name and 2 letters set for first name.  So I'm thinking this may work for Sy Williamson but not for Sydney Williamson.
    This obviously is not a huge issue but wanted to get your feedback on it.  For example, would upping the number of letters in the first name give us more auto-matches as well as more zero matched records we'd go and manually search for?

 Hi Bill,

That's a five-star question!  :)

The auto-match feature is separate from the duplicate searching criteria in that the constituent must match all the criteria specified in the auto-pick setting (in this case, first and last name and email) exactly for it to be considered an exact match. Sorry, we're rather err on the side of caution on that one rather than have "false positives" in the matching!


Hi Jeff-

Ok, then it seems this feature is not working. it seems most of the time when there is an exact match of all three it asks us to match.

Does Nickname or Maiden Name come into play?


Hi Bill,

I guess I need to make yours a six-star question! I was just gearing up to show you how it works here and was creating screenshots and photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one of them explaining what each one was (thank you Arlo Guthrie, when I ran smack into the same issue you are having. I'll bet if you look at one of the records that wasn't working for you will find that they have the same email address on more than one of their addresses (or two of the same email address on a single address record with different phone types). In that particular case IOM incorrectly thinks that there might be multiple matches and therefore shows the duplicate searching screen. Thanks for pointing out this issue to us, we have fixed it here and it will be in our next release.


This is fixed in version, which can be downloaded here:

Thanks Bill.
Hi--we have a board member whose last name has an é in it. I have the name without the accent as an alias, but I'm still getting a new record created for her every time I import a batch with a gift from her. First name, address, email all match, but that accent just isn't allowing the match, apparently. Is anyone else having that problem? Thanks, Karen
Hi Karen,

Matching on email address alone should be enough to get her to show up in the Matching Records form, is she not? Are you sure the email is an exact match?


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