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Importing Two Addresses


Is there a method for importing two distinct sets of addresses? We have both Current Address and Permanent address types. I imagine that we would use the Set Number feature to separate the two addresses as Set #1 and Set #2.

How would duplicate searching work in this case?

Right now it looks like only the second address specified in the import file is added to the new or updated record.

Thank you,

Patrick Thomas

Hi Patrick,

IOM currently imports one constituent address at a time, but if the second address is a work address I would import that in as organization relationship record, and that would allow you to do both simultaneously. Hope that helps!

Well, I do not think that importing one of the addresses as a organization address would help.

As I had mentioned, there is a Current address and a Permanent address. These are both "Home" kind of addresses. However, we have separate address Types to label them.

I suppose that an additional import routine would be required for the Permanent address. The duplicate searching functionality could still be leveraged, although it would just be configured not to set as a preferred address and thus not take precedence over the existing Home type.

Any other ideas?

Thank you,
If you think the permanent address is more likely to match to existing record, I would probably import that one first rather than the temporary address. I would also set the first profile to output the constituent import ID of the record that got processed, so you wouldn't even have to do any matching for the second pass.
No, the Current address definitely is the most likely to match existing addresses.

The second part of what you said is just it. I have been unsuccessfully struggling over configuring a profile for the second pass. In this case not all of the imported records will have a Permanent address. Will this affect the output file you mentioned? It seems the second import profile really only needs five fields:  ImportID (for direct matching), Address Line 1, State, City, and ZIP.

For the second pass, I am not sure how to configure IOM to skip checking the incoming address (Permanent) against the recently imported address (Current). According to the "Addresses" section I am only able to select "Add as a new preferred address", "Show advanced address processing form", and "Always ignore new ...". To be able to add a new address without it being set to preferred and also applying a default profile to load dates and info sources would be optimal.

I have attempted to force the preferred status to FALSE during the import with an extra, manually added field. This is neither convenient nor actually works.
I thought about reversing the process. Importing the Permanent address and then coming back and adding the Current address on the second pass. This would be easily configured and actually make sense ... until I considered that the routine would mix applying the '"Set 'Type' to" = Last Known Home Address' setting to both existing Homes and the recently imported Permanents, thus undoing the first pass address portion.

Taking the output file, could this be run through a standard Raiser's Edge import process? Am I trying to make IOM do something it is not currently able to do? Just FYI, I have been testing with a one-line import that specifies a new record with both address types.

Please advise,
Were you ever able to get the second pass to add a second address?  I have the exact same situation and cannot figure out how to do it.
Hi Patrick and Shannon,

I agree with the idea of importing the Permanent address and then coming back and adding the Current address on the second pass. In the second pass, you would select the option to "Add as a new preferred address" in the Addresses section of the profile. However, if you do not want it to change the Permanent Address to a former address, then don't select the options on the New Preferred Address tab in the profile (Uncheck Send Mail, etc) . That way, the Current Address will be the preferred and the Permanent Address will remain an active address on the constituent record.

If you need any assistance with this process, please feel free to contact our Support team ( One of our analysts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Hi Guys,

Sorry Patrick, I read your last post a while back but neglected to respond. Yes, I think doing the first import with IOM and having it create an output file with the resulting constituent Import ID, then using the standard RE import if there are some particular address settings you want on your second address import.

Shannon, what specific problems are you running into?

For both of you I would highly recommend attending one of our Tuesday afternoon "office hours" to work with one on of our IOM product specialists for issues like this. This sessions are completely free and open to any of our users. Meeting connection information can be found here:

Posted By Patrick Thomas on 27 May 2011 03:11 PM
I have attempted to force the preferred status to FALSE during the import with an extra, manually added field. This is neither convenient nor actually works.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your feedback on this. The option you selected was "Add as new preferred address", so that is why the new address was created as preferred. I wouldn't necessarily say it doesn't work as it's doing what it said it would do, however I think you are right that it would be nice if it were a bit more flexible, so in the forthcoming version of IOM that option will read:

Add as a new address (added as "preferred" address if that field is not mapped)

Not exactly Shakespeare, but about as concise as we can get it. This will allow existing profiles to continue working as designed and give a bit more flexibility for users who wish to specify the "is preferred" on new addresses on a per-row basis. Hope that helps.

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