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Updating address type from Advanced Address Processing Form

Hi All,

When processing addresses using the Advanced Address Processing (AAP) form, the "address type" dropdown box and "preferred"  checkbox on the form are used when executing the "add as is" or "add with edits" options, but is not used when "update existing" is selected. This is by design as we figured most users would not want to have to change the "address type" on the form just to match the address they are updating (in our experience, most import data files do not have an "address type" column). We've now had a request to have this setting be used when updating existing addresses, so I thought I'd ask here for some feedback. Do you typically want the address type setting on the AAP form to update the address type? Chime in soon!



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Hi Jeff
I see the logic behind it, but it would be good to have the option to change, especially as we don't use the default address types of Home and Business, so need to be able to change. Also useful if you are using the address type to id the source of the change. thanks
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