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Gift Batch Field Order

Is there any way to change the order fields appear in gift batches generated from Import-O-Matic?



Hi David,

The batch is created first using the required fields for batches with a few commonly used fields (campaign/fund/appeal/etc), then the rest of the fields are added in order from the source file layout. So that we know when we are making changes in the future, can you let us know what you are trying to accomplish? (Obviously you want to affect the order of the columns, but to what end? Would having it match the order in your file/profile be good enough?)

Thanks David, nice to hear from you!
Hi Jeff,

I am trying to make it easier for people processing orders to see the most important columns in the batch first. Many of the required fields are ones I'd rather hide or have at the end, like GL Post Status etc.

What you have told me is helpful.

Matching the order of the file/profile would be ideal.


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