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How do you change the base file in a profile?

I want to be able to copy an existing profile and just change the base file so that I do not have to re-configure the profile.  What is the easiest way to do that?  I'm new to this, so sorry in advance for what might be a very basic concept.  Thank you.
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Hi Sunni,

What kind of changes are you trying to make to the profile? The Base File displays the name of the file that was used to populate the Field Names when this profile was created and is strictly informational.

You can copy any profile. However, all settings, including the field mapping copy over to the new profile. You will need to manually change any mapping that is different than the original profile. That is because any changes made to a file do not automatically change existing profiles. If changes are made to a file after the profile has been created, the profile must be manually changed in order to match those changes. If the changes that you are trying to make to the mapping are significant, you may consider creating a new profile.

If you would like to see the functionality of Import-O-Matic updated to allow you to copy the profile settings but enter new mapping, you can file a suggestion by going to .

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.



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