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Auto-pick, Duplicate Searching

I suggest that "Title, First and Last Name, Email"  be added to the exact match criteria.

The match criteria for most of our profiles (probably all of them) says to “Auto-pick record from search results if a single record exactly matches:”  First and Last Name, Email.

This logic matched Mrs. Leslie Smith from the import file with RE Constituent Mr. Leslie Smith.  Mr. and Mrs. appear to share the same e-mail address.  The input data actually showed Mrs. Leslie Smith married to Mr. David Johnson.  I’m guessing that we assigned the wrong title to the Leslie Smith record when it first entered the database several years ago.  I’m guessing this because

-  the name was actually Chinese or Korean or some other non-Anglo-Saxon vintage

-  In the past, when a donor name came without a title or an indication of gender, data entry staff were encouraged to pick a title that seemed appropriate.

-  In our legacy system, we had a weekly clean-up job that assigned titles based on first names.

Bottom line -- It would be nice to be able to catch this situation when we get new information, essentially from the donor himself/herself, without having our data entry staff comb through hundreds of transactions a day.

Hi, Susan,

Thanks for the suggestion!

Have you posted it on our User Voice site ( as well? This is where we formally track suggestions. We review the site as we are planning updates to IOM and use the suggestions, and their popularity, for direction. We believe that no one knows what the software needs to do more than our users!

Have a great day,

Thank you Tiffany.  I was wondering how to officially register suggestions.  Now I've done it, and voted on a few others too.
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