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Importing Recurring Gifts

Hi everyone,

Our website has a recurring donation option and we would like to import these gifts as recurring gifts into Raiser's Edge. Does IOM support importing gift type = recurring gift? Just wondering if anyone has come across any major pitfalls. We don't want to have to maintain the ~2,000 recurring set-ups. in our online system and in RE.

Thanks for any advice,


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 Hi Charles,

Thanks for posting to the forums!  The ability to import recurring gifts with schedules was implemented with Import-O-Matic™ version 1.8.3.    
The key to success with importing recurring gifts is to ensure that you have included the correct fields in your import file and that you have mapped them carefully.
The field mapping should look like this:


Using the example above, the recurring gifts will have a monthly payment schedule.  In the GfInsNumDay, you specify the day of the month the payments will be made on.   The Spacing value will be 1 and the GfInsFreqNum can be any numerical value.  I used 2 in my example.   
I hope this works for you.  Feel free to reach out to us at with any specific questions you may have about the import process.  
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