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NEW... Import-O-Matic 1.9.1 Upgrade Training Session

At the request of our clients, we are scheduling another Import-O-Matic Upgrade Training Session for version 1.9.1.  This will be a free training session on the newest version of the software. Because this version is so different from previous releases, we highly recommend attending the training session before updating to version 1.9.1. The new version and accompanying documentation is available for download at Import-O-Matic Update Files.  For a sneak preview of some of the new functionality, please click here.

Training Session Details:
Title: Import-O-Matic 1.9 Pilot Program
Date: Thursday, June 30, 2011
Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT

Reserve your Webinar Seat Now at:

Space is limited.  Please register early.

Note: Clients on Blackbaud's hosting environment will be invited to upgrade to coincide with this training. 

1.9.1 Change Log (summarized) -----------------------------------------------
Added functionality to: 
    - add/edit/remove fields in a Profile's field mapping
    - import/update Tributee (Honor/Memorial) records and link gifts to Tributes
    - import/update Event Participants, Registration Fees and Guests, with Sponsoring Pledges
    - import/update Proposals in the Prospect Module
    - link gifts to a Membership record by Mem ID/Import ID/Transaction ID
    - view/edit all Bio field changes before they happen (constituents and relationships)
    - import multiple relationships simultaneously
    - search for matches to existing records for imported relationships and Participant Guests
    - import relationships as a full constituent or a non-constituent record
    - import relationship phones and emails
    - import Fund Relationships
    - import Assigned Solicitor Relationships
    - import/update Constituent Appeal records
    - specify a Constituent ID to soft credit for a gift
    - auto-create gift from overpayment of event registration fees
    - link a payment to a Pledge or Recurring Gift by Import ID or Gift ID
    - create ouput file with Import ID's for all constituents and relationships
    - search for Orgs with and without a leading "The" in the Org name
    - optionally limit access to configuration settings to supervisors
    - view/edit entire import data row from duplicate search screen
    - populate dictionary translation settings by pasting from Excel
    - sort dictionary translation entries
- General settings moved to profiles for more granular controls
- Special Field record type was dropped
- Added Date To/From fields for constituency code
- Added option to include rows that had exceptions in an Import ID output file

New Options and User Interface:


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