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Takes a long time to import a large file

On a regular basis, I use IOM to process a file of 25,000 records.  Because my schedule and other priorities don't allow me to focus on importing the 25,000 records in one sitting, I use split-o-matic to break it down into 12 files and import each file over the course of two days. Yes, two days!  The process would be more efficient for me if IOM didn't stop at each record that is identified as a potential match against an existing RE record. Is there a way to kick these out as "exceptions" which would allow the file to keep importing without stopping?  (If so, I'd import the 25k at one time knowing that I only had to deal with exceptions when it was done processing.)

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Dear Stacey,

Thanks for contacting O-Matic Software Support. There are two options that you may consider for having Import-O-Matic to create an exceptions for records that it identifies as potential duplicates:

1. If you are importing the records using a Constituent ID, you can mark the option in the profile called "Treat the data row as an exception" on the ID Matching Tab of the profile. You would uncheck the boxes to check for duplicates for constituents and spouses onn the Duplicate Search tab as well. If Import-O-Matic does not find a match based on the Constituent ID, it will create an exception for that row and proceed to the next record.

2. Import-O-Matic™ version, which is currently in the pre-release BETA stage,supports the ability to schedule your imports to run at a time that is convenient for you. It uses Windows Task Scheduler. You will be able to establish general rules that the import will follow. For example, if a duplicate is encountered an exception should be created. If you are interested in adding this functionality, please contact your Account Manager, Chris Gentry at for more information.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


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