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Tribute and Event Participants --> Speak now or forever wish you had!

Hi Folks,

Well, we're finally doing it. We're extending IOM to process tribute gifts and event participants. If you want IOM to work for your organization in either of these areas, we need to hear from you quickly! We need your sample import file and a description of the process as you'd like to see it (one that explains any non-obvious fields would be nice too). We're working on the design now, so don't delay.

Please feel free to post any feedback or ideas on this thread.

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!


I have been using the regular RE imports to import event participants into our annual race. I have plenty of files that show the data that we track. Would these still be helpful?

I can also supply samples of our current import files (used with IOM) where we are importing tribute information through the use of attributes. I can send those as well. Should I be emailing those to you at the info adress or where?

Just let me know,
Michael MacKenzie
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Hi Michael,

Thanks for offering. Yes, we would really appreciate receiving those files. Please send them to Thanks so much for helping.


Hi Jeff and team,

Sorry to be jumping in here late. Our team currently processes a ton of tribute gifts via our website. These gifts come in with four fields:

Honoree_type is either "in honor" or "in memory"
If "in honor" then field "honoree_name" is the tribute person, honoree_addr is the full address block*, and honoree_email is the tribute person's email address. Our system automatically send an email notification to that person if email address is valid.

If "in memory" then field "honoree_name" is the tribute person, and "honoree_recipient_name" is the person to notify. Example, Grandma=honoree_name & recipient_name =granddaughter.

*honoree_addr = It would be awesome to see matching happen on the address block/email address for the tribute person. If no one found, then create a new record for the tributee.

Happy to chat more or explain more. We're also interested to hear how others are processing tributes with IOM and what tools the are using -- net community? Kintera?

Thanks and Happy New Year,
Hi Charles,

That sounds pretty good, but I think you would need to do the following pre-processing on your data file:
-split name fields into first and last (of course)
-split address fields into city/state/zip/etc
-create separate fields for the acknowledgee (since we can't change field mapping mid-stream based on the value in Honoree_type)
Is this data coming from Blue State Digital currently? Any chance they can change it be a little more "normalized" as they say in database-speak?

> It would be awesome to see matching happen on the address block/email
> address for the tribute person. If no one found, then create a new record
> for the tributee.

I think you're going love the next version. We've way-improved the duplicate search criteria and we will be searching for tributees.

Thanks, Jeff.

I'll mention normalizing the data output. It's always a challenge moving data between two systems.

Sounds like you guys have some exciting new features. I'm looking forward to the robust matching.

One other thing --

What online software are others using to accept tributes? What fields come out of your system?

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