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Automatically Assigning Gift IDs

Upon importing gifts alongside constituents, I'm a little unsure of how I should handle assigning Gift IDs. It appears that Gift IDs must be pre-determined before import so that they will properly insert into batches. Indeed, when working with splits each segment must be properly grouped using an identical ID. This makes sense.

Would it make sense to have IOM automatically assign Gift IDs, starting sequentially from the last ID in the database? For instance, when importing constituents an incremental constituent ID is created based upon the last ID used. I see the necessity for the manual creation of temporary Gift IDs for split grouping purposes (i.e.: five splits, each with the Gift ID of 3), however if IOM could then reassign all the gift split IDs to the next logical Gift ID in sequence (i.e.: 315181) the ID could then be committed directly into Raiser's Edge without having to manually remove the temporary IDs from the newly created batch.

Raiser's Edge would have to be notfied that the Gift ID, although not committed, has been reserved. Then, for instance, upon manual creation of an entirely different Gift, the ID assigned would not be one recently imported with IOM.

Perhaps I've over-looked the functionality or am approaching gift imports incorrectly. Going back working with a created batch, is there a method for removing all of the temporary Gift IDs from that batch before import to achieve automatic assignment by Raiser's Edge of Gift IDs. Thank you for your consideration,

Patrick Thomas

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Hi Patrick,

I think you could go two ways: one would be to use something that is virtually guaranteed to be unique. So you could preface your Gift ID with a datestamp like "101215_#####". If this didn't work for you for your real ID's, you could just import it into a batch with Import-O-Matic then, before committing the batch, remove the Gift ID column from the batch and RE will assign sequential gift ID's automatically. Let me know if that doesn't work for some reason.

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