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Importing Tributes

Hi, We are hoping to begin importing tributes using IOM. We think we understand the process and have read through the manuals etc. but had a few questions/issues that we didn't know how to resolve. Hopefully you can help!

-Can Tribute records be marked deceased? We import 'in memory of' gifts and would want to be able to mark the record as decease when it is created for the tribute.
-Can a Tibute Description be added?
-Can a tribute be 'skipped' if it contains incomplete information?
-Can a Tribute be marked as acknowledged if an email address was provided?
-How does IOM match to exisiting tributes?

I would love to hear from anyone who is currently using this function and could speak to how it working for them.

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Hi Paul,
It looks like you had a few questions so I'll answer them one at a time!
1) Yes, because you are importing them as constituents on the first pass. 
2) IOM will automatically kick a record with incomplete information into an exception file.
3) If you are referring to the tribute gift, this is possible... if the email address was imported on the first pass, you can use that field in the second pass to mark the gift as acknowledged by using a dictionary that has a Regular Expression (reference past forum posts) that translates "not blank = yes"
4) On the second pass, IOM maps to the Tribute Import ID

I hope this helps and I encourage other users to respond with helpful comments!
Many thanks,
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