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Pledge warning

When I add a constituent to a batch manually I get a pop-up if they have an outstanding pledge and the option to link the gift to the pledge.

Is there functionality in IOM to do that or would that be something I would have to build in the API?

I want this too, but for outstanding recurring gifts as well.
Hi Wayne,
Great question! Standard functionality of IOM will not accomplish what you are looking for regarding pop-ups. If you are bringing your gifts to batch you have the option to "Automatically apply gifts to pledges and recurring gifts" upon committing your gift batch but they would not 'pop-up'.

You can build an API piece to show Outstanding Pledges (or for Melissa, Recurring Gifts) once a constituent is matched if that is what you desire.

I do like where you are headed with this (and so does Melissa :) ) , perhaps other clients do as well? Why don't you put this one up on our User Voice to see if it gets some traction:

Many thanks,

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