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How Changing User Options for using Appeal ID vs Description affects Package Settings

In The Raiser's Edge User Options, a user can select to identify Campaigns, Funds and Appeals (C/F/A) by either ID or Description. This setting controls not only how C/F/A are displayed but also what data format RE7 is expecting for data entry, and ImportOmatic follows these settings. The setting for Appeals also controls the display and data input for Packages. We've discovered an issue in RE 7.92 regarding how Packages inherit this setting from Appeals. In essence, if a user changes the Appeal Format setting (see screen shot below), the new setting does not get applied to Packages until the user restarts RE7. Our support and development teams spent a good amount of time in tracking this issue down and being able to consistently replicate the issue. An error message you might receive when importing Constituent Appeal data that includes Package data is:

Line #: Package must be valid for the selected appeal. [Object: 'CConstitAppeal', PK: '1392342', Import ID: '00322-521-0001392342']

Based on our internal testing, this error will only be encountered when a Constituent record already has Constituent Appeals at the time of import. Constituents where the import does not error will have the Appeal and the Package imported properly.

If you encounter the above error and have recently changed your User Options, please restart RE7 and attempt your import again. If you continue to encounter errors after restarting RE7, please contact Support for assistance.


Screen shot of the User Options for Appeals:





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