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Using Default Sets with Import-O-Matic

Default sets in The Raiser's Edge are used to pre-populate fields This powerful tool is used by IOM to populate fields of new constituent or gift records that may not be present in an import file but will be the same value for the entire file in a specific import.

For instance, the Constituency Code for the individuals in the file might be Individual, but there is not a column that specifies that value. Rather than manipulating the source file and manually adding that column each time, a Individual Default Set record with that value (as well as any other default values) can be created under Tools, Organize/Create Defaults in the Raisers Edge.


That default set is then selected in the Individual Default Set setting, and that pay method will be applied by default to every gift created.


Should a field be specified both in a default set and in the source file, the source file value takes precedence.  

Note:  Default set values will only populate on new constituent records.  If the constituents exist in the database,  you can opt to either add a column containing the desired data in the Excel spreadsheet or globally add the value to the record after the import.
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