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Non Matching names/addresses showing up in IOM import

I have created a profile for my online donations and when I run them through IOM instead of getting one or two matches I am getting 40 or so  names/addresses none of which match the donor.  I have checked my Addresses tab and it's no different from the other profiles I have created that are working fine.  I even created a new profile and it still happens.  Any ideas as to why this is happening.  It's our busy season and many donations are coming in online.  I need to get it working correctly soon. :)

Thank you,
Heather Kantor
Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee

Hi Heather,

Thanks for contacting O-Matic Support. How do you currently have your duplicate criteria set? The number of returns you receive in the duplicate search can be impacted by this. Most of our clients have it set to Last Name (5), First Name (3) and Zip (3). If changing this does not help, I can meet with you after 4 PM eastern today to do some troubleshooting. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Where do I change that setting?  I guess I thought it was part of the similarity score.

Actually, the similarity score only has bearing on the addresses. Matching constituents is a separate option. To change the duplicate criteria, you will go to Configuration, Business Rules, Duplicates. The options for individuals and organizations are available just below that.

Thank you.  I've just changed it and will let you know how it goes when I download later today.


Thanks for letting me know. Good luck!
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