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Gift Import

I am trying to update my profile from importing gifts from Ruffalo Cody. We allow 2 designations with our phonathon. Do you have to have 2 separate rows with the same gift import ID or can you have 2 funds and amounts in the same row? I am not quite sure how to set this up and the way I have it set up now it is not working.


Now looking at the user guide, I am pretty sure they have to be in 2 separate rows, but it would be nice to just have 1 row with 2 funds and the split amounts.
Good evening, Gina,

What you are describing is what Raiser's Edge calls a "Split Gift."

Yes, you are correctly reading the User Guide. Split Gifts must be on separate rows. The reason for this is because you cannot map the same field (ex: Fund) to more than one column.

There may be a suggestion for this on our User Voice site, that you can vote for, or you can add it:

If you need assistance setting up your split gifts, please contact the Support Team to open a case.

Have a good evening,

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