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Phone Type Hunter in

I installed Love the Excel-syle column numbering & the updated progress window.

I thought I would love the Phone Type Hunter but it didn't do what I thought I read it would do. Here's the enhancement:
  • Phone Type Hunter! RE Address records allow only one of each phone type, so what happens when you are importing an email of type "Email" but it is already in use? Now, IOM will look for "Email 1", "Email 2", etc until it finds an opening. It can even (optionally) add an additional phone type if necessary. For this to work as expected, you MUST have a space between the phone type and the number (eg. "Email 1" will work, "Email1" will not.
  • Based on this I thought if 1) I was importing a gift to an existing donor's record & 2) there is phone# (Home) attached to this new gift & 3) we already have a phone# in Home for this donor that the new phone that's with the new gift would be recorded in RE as Home 2.

    Did I mis-read the enhancement?


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    Hi Greg, that sounds right to me. What behavior are you seeing?

    Hi Greg,

    Is 'Home 2' defined as a phone type in your phone types table? It needs to already be defined -OR- you can select the option for IOM to create it if it needs to. But if it is not defined in RE and IOM does not have permission to create it, it can't import it.

    Sue - Yes, "Home 2" is defined as a phone type in our phone types table.

    Jeff - When I'm importing a gift to an existing donor's record who already has a Home phone AND the gift has a different phone # attached to it, the new phone becomes the Home phone & the old # disappears. I thought would make it so that the old # would stay as Home & the new # would be added as Home 2.

    Hi Greg,

    Did you change your settings in the profile you are using (under Addresses --> Phones/Emails)?

    Figured it out. I needed to go into Configuration, Addresses, Phones/Emails then uncheck "Update existing" then check "Assign available matching phone type..." & "Start at lowest number...". It's all good now. Thx
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