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Updating constituent code "Date From"

I'm importing graduates through Importomatic. Some graduates already exist in RE and therefore have the constituent code of "Former Student" with a "Date From" whilst others are new and need the constituent code adding. (A third group already exist but don't have "Former Student" but let's deal with one problem at a time!)

Is there a way to bring in new constituents with a current "Date From" but if the constituent already has the same constituent code, update the record but leave the constituent code untouched?

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Hi Richard,

ImportOmatic does not perform "If/Then" conditional importing for Constituent Codes by default. ImportOmatic's default functionality will add a new Constituent Code in the scenario you are proposing.

While it is not possible with core functionality, we have utilized the native API for ImportOmatic to create custom code that will perform a similar function for one of our customers. Here is the background on the customization we have already build: "The Customer wishes to use Import-O-Matic to add new constituent codes and their associated From and To dates if the dates do not exactly match an existing code and date range."  If you are interested in investigating the capabilities of our API, please do not hesitate to contact us at or feel free to call us at 888-662-8426, and choose Option 1 to reach the Sales team.



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