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Linking Other Donations to an Event Participant Record

We recently began using IOM to import data from an outside source into RE for events.  We set up both passes by reading the manual.  All of the gifts are entered and linked to the prospective donor/recipient, but none of the gifts are linked to the event itself.  Any thoughts on what step we missed and how to now rectify the situation?  I have a case number on this, but wanted to get feedback from others.  
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Hi Attie,

Even though we solved this over the phone, I wanted to post an answer out here for other clients as well.

Because you are importing pledges for these Other Donation gifts, you will need to do a two-pass import.

In order to link the gift to the event, you will need the Participant Import ID. During your first import pass, in the left side navigation pane go to Files under Output. You will choose the option to Include the Import ID for all matched or added Participants in the output file.

During the second pass of the import, you will use the output file and map the Participant Import ID to Record Type = Gift Field and Value Type = Other Donation Participant Import ID

You will map the other gift items (amount, fund, etc) as usual.

In the left side navigation pane, go to Gift Linking under Participants and make the selection for Link Gift information to Participant record as Other Donations.


Test this import with a couple of rows and please don't hesitate to reach out to support with any questions.

Omatic Support

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