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Spousal records

When using FindOmatic to search for a record recently, I inadvertantly promoted a RE spousal record to a full constituent record when I thought I was promoting a ListManagement non-constituent record.  I am concerned about this, as our organization does not want to, for example, enter a gift on a spousal record - we want all gifts on the primary record - so we only create full constituent records for a spouse when necessay.

Is there any way FindOmatic could be set up to differentiate between RE spousal non-constituent records and ListManagement non-constituent records in the search results?


Donna Fischer

The Valley Hospital Foundation

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Hi Donna,

Currently there is not, but this is a good suggestion and we appreciate your feedback! The best workaround, for now, is to open it without promoting it to ensure it is the record you want.

Thanks again for your feedback, it helps us make a better product!


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