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Data Append for Employment

We are looking at doing a data append for employment.  Right now, we cannot update/archive employment, so we would either have to import all new employment and then clean up the previous employment through a global change or globally mark the current employment as former and then import all the new employment data. Our only caveat is we save our previous employment data so overriding the current employment would not be an option.

I'm new to creating IOM API's, and my research on this particular topic has come up empty so far. Any ideas or suggestions would be tremendously appreciated.

Thank you!

What is the question here? Have you tried to set up a profile that will do this? Most of it should work I think if you are just updating/replacing a business relationship.
I think this might be where I'm having issues.

I'm trying to import new primary business for constituents. I can set that up and add with no problems however it seems to overwrite existing primary organisations? Is there an option so that if one is present on the record it removes primary tag, update date to and relationship/reciprocal?

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