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Top 32 Predictors for Planned Giving

Dr. Russell James III released a research paper titled American Charitable Bequest Demographics (1992-2012) (available for download here) where he details the top predictors for who will participate in planned giving and more predictors for how much they will give. Page 61 lists 32 lifetime factors that best predict the likelihood of leaving a gift, with Childlessness being "the strongest single demographic predictor of the propensity to engage in charitable planning". Page 62 lists the top multi-item models to predict likelihood of leaving a planned gift.

Some of the significant non-giving predictors: No offspring, Female, High wealth, Not Married, Growing Wealth, Years volunteering.

Thanks Jeff,

Just what I was looking for to help me with my first Gift Planning Profile.

Thanks Jeff. This is great information and will tie in perfectly with our planned giving scoring profiles that we are working on right now. Some of these variables are obviously harder to capture and track than others. I would be curious to know how many of these 32 variables other organizations are able to capture from constituents and are currently tracking in RE? Beyond the basic giving and bio variables....Anyone willing to share?
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