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Adding Constit and Spouse


We are trying to add constituent records for people who may or may not have a spouse in the record.  We use API functions to determine whether or not they have a spouse and if so, which primary addressee and salutation to use.  

Our import works for a single constituent but as soon as we add spouse information to the record it excepts out and says "No Primary Addressee found".  When we run our file through the test option we are returning the correct primary addressee/sal for the constituent and the spouse.  However, the actual import does not work.  

We want to add the spouse as a non-constituent record as well.  The import worked great until we started trying to manipulate the addressee/salutations.  

Why would the adding of spouse information (in the same record) cause this import to fail?  We don't require non-constit spouses to have an addressee/salutation in RE.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Are you adding this spouse using the API or just populating fields to allow IOM to process the spouse?
We are using the spouse information in the file to determine what addressee/salutation we should use but other than that we are allowing IOM to process the spouse. And we want the spouse to be a non-constituent if they are new.
You don't require the add/sal for non-constituents so this must be coming from the full constituent record. This error wouldn't happen on an existing record since that already has an add/sal (otherwise it would not have saved originally) so it must also only be happening on new full constituent records.

In order for a record to have a relationship it needs to exist first and therefore the full constituent is saved before a spouse record is created and saved as a relationship. I would take a close look at the order of operations and where you are setting these to make sure that the add/sal is calculated and set before any new constituent record might be created.

You might also want to try putting in a default add/sal (in the profile settings) for new constituents that would be used temporarily until the "real" add/sal is set through the mappings.

Since it shows the right data in Test then either it's something to do with the order of operations (like it tries to save the record before the salutation is set) or the mappings are not correct.
Thank you Wayne. That's kind of what we were thinking. We will check our operations order.
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