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API in a Hosted Environment


We were told that when we convert to a hosted environment with Raiser's Edge we will no longer be able to write our own API code within ImportOmatic.  We will have to submit the request to ImportOmatic and they will write the code for a fee.  Is this correct?  Are any of you writing code even though you're hosted?  Thanks.  Lisa Folger

When you are hosted you cannot get to the API code editor so the only way to have a customization in IOM is to go through Omatic. Basically you need to create the profile on a local version of RE (in order to access the code editor), then export the profile, then import the profile into the hosted environment.

That's all fairly easy except that in order to import a profile into the hosted environment you need a code from Omatic.

When it comes to a fee I am not sure how Omatic handles it. Presumably the reason that customers can't have direct access to the API is so because hosted resources are shared and BB doesn't want customers messing with the back end of RE as it could take down the system for other people. I think that Omatic has a special agreement with BB to run custom code but if they let you run your code then they will be responsible for it. I'm not sure if they will just review your code to make sure it doesn't break anything or if they will want to write something new.

Regardless of how it works out, another thing to keep in mind is that if you ever want to edit your code in a hosted environment you will need to contact Omatic again for a new code which can become tedious if you make a lot of changes.
Thank you Wayne. We'll have to discuss this with our Account Manager at ImportOmatic and our own IT team.
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