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Receiving Error while running Scoreomatic


This is the error we are receiving when we try to run scoreomatic.


"Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at ScoreOmatic.cScoringMachine.LoadLists(Int32 QueryID, CQuerySet oQ, Int32 RecordID, cProfile profile, Int32 MasterProfileNumber)


Can you please help?

This has been fixed, all you need to do is update ScoreOmatic. Probably a good idea to check for other updates as well.

Hi, I did update the Scoreomatic, Did check if there is any other update present or not, But it didn't fix the issue.

 I did even try to uninstall scoreomatic, appomatic and then do a fresh install, but it didn't worked.


Can you please help?




Can you verify that all of the queries in your profile still exist and have not been deleted?
You can contact me directly @ , we will post the answer after we figure it out.
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