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MergeOmatic is now available!

Version of MergeOmatic is now available.  We have improved search performance, making scanning for duplicates much faster.  

Click the link to download MergeOmatic.  You must install it on each workstation that runs MergeOmatic.  If you have the AppOmatic version of MergeOmatic installed, you must uninstall the MergeOmatic app in AppOmatic before using the plug-in.

Version (December 8, 2015)

- Improved duplicate searching performance

- Extended status label under scan buttons

- Added total number of constituents to the Database Coverage chart

- Changed "Sets" to "Groups"

- Added deletion of temp tables on initialization

- Fixed issue where user was not receiving notification when an error occurred when creating temp tables

- Fixed issue with the survivor remaining in the queue if all other records in group are marked as not a duplicate

- Corrected issue with scrollbars not resetting to top when paging


Download the latest release here.

View the MergeOmatic user guide here.



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